It is our mission at MIPCN to provide international patients with the best medical care.


When treatment is not available in one's home country, the patient and their family must travel to receive the care they need. Travelling abroad for such important matters can prove difficult, especially in an unfamiliar country. Appointments and arrangements must be made prior so that the patient may carry on with further medical formalities and procedures. At Memorial International Patient Care Network, we connect patients to the most qualified physicians and assist them throughout their treatment. We strive to make your medical visits efficient and successful so that you may return home happy and healthy.

With our multi-specialty facility, we help patients find the doctor they need. Our physicians are highly experienced and well trained, and ready to walk you through the path to good health every step of the way.

What do we do at MIPCN? We review medical records prior to arrival, offer financial counselling, arrange appointments with physicians and consultants, assist with pre-registration, provide for special religious and cultural needs and/or diet, provide all pre-arrival cost details, and arrange for VIP accommodations.

At MIPCN we value personal attention and make it our priority to each one of our patients, guaranteeing that they are looked after extremely well by hospital staff and doctors alike. We are accomodating and understanding of our patients' international backgrounds and do not discriminate. We welcome patients from around the world and are ready to treat them in a friendly and respectable manner. Getting well depends on a patient's environment and the people who surround them, which is why at MIPCN we make every effort to make all parts of your visit a satisfying experience.