MIPCN helps international patients with best physician and neurosurgeons


Many a time one has to travel abroad to get treated for ailments.  Sometimes the treatment may not be available in the home country, so, in such cases the patient and the family need to travel.  It is not easy to travel abroad for getting treated.  Prior appointments and arrangements need to be made so that when the patient and the family reaches, it is convenient for them to carry on with further formalities and procedures.  One such place to be is Memorial International Patient Care Network.  In here there are international patients who come for treatments and who get treated successfully and go back to their home country hale and healthy.

We have International Patient Service Program with the aim to help the patients to get well and go home in perfect health.  We have multi-specialty facility, which helps patients to get the doctor they need.  Each specialty has specialized doctors, so one need not worry about the kind of doctor one will be assigned.  One will find USA Best Physicians in our facility.  We ensure that we provided extremely good service and also make sure that the patients and the family go back home happy, because of the treatment given to them.  Our physicians are experienced and well trained.  They all form top-notch doctors who are at your service, and who ensure that your health is back to normal again once you enrol yourself in Memorial International Patient Care Network to get treated for your ailments.

We at MIPCN review patients records prior to arrival, provide financial counselling, arrange appointments with physicians and consultants, assist with pre-registration, provide for special religious and cultural needs and diet, let you know pre-arrival cost details, arrange for VIP accommodation.  These are some of the benefits that the patient gets if coming to MIPCN for treatment.

As told earlier there are different specialties that we work for.  One such specialty is neurosurgery.  We have USA best Neurosurgeons at our disposal.  The patients get benefited by their presence because their knowledge and experience makes the healing process more smooth, steady and fast.  The best is always appreciated, which is why our services are always appreciated throughout the world.  We have remedies for any kind of ailments and work towards ensuring a healthy living through-out the world and help patient recover soon from their disease or ill-health. 

Personal attention is given to the patient and they are looked after extremely well.  Every minute thing is taken care off and we make sure that the patient is treated well by the hospital staff and the doctors alike.  There is no discrimination among any patients, all are treated alike and in a friendly manner.  Getting well also depends on the surrounding and the people that one interacts with.  So, MIPCN ensures that the ambience and surrounding is healthy and friendly for the patients to recover sooner than the anticipated time frame, so that they can start enjoying their normal life earlier than expected by them and their family.